Signs You're Dating a Sociopath

            About 1 in 4 people have diagnosable mental disorders in the U.S. (NIH). About 1 in 5 young Americans have personality disorders. That is dangerously common. For every 4 people you date one could have a mental disorder. With all the craziness around with young people shooting, bombing, and killing other young people you need to know who you’re dealing with. Ok, that’s a bit extreme to think the people you’re dating will kill you but they can cause you severe emotional distress. You ever dated someone and everything seemed so perfect in the beginning but after a few months all hell broke loose? Was something just off? After the end of the relationship, did you doubt your sanity? You might have just have had an encounter with a sociopath. Below are signs you’re dating a sociopath.

·       Compulsive Liar

You will never meet anyone who lies so much. They lie about everything. They do it in an attempt to be who they think you want them to be. They reinvent themselves as the perfect person in your eyes. This is the way they seduce you and get you to love them. Of course none of it is true. They actually don’t have a personality or substance because they’re just a shell of a person. So they lie to fit   into a variety of settings. If you find out someone lied about everything when you first met them, run away! This means them lying about their occupation, housing   arrangements, car, and money. Don’t let them tell you they lied just to impress you. Its just manipulation!

·       Moves Way too Fast

 They move in so fast they will have your head spinning. But you will go along with it because they have spun a perfect fantasy of love. It will be good to be true.You will think this is your soul mate. Again this is just them being who you want them to be not who they really are. After they seduce you and see that you have fallen for them, they completely flip the script. Sociopaths move fast but that doesn't mean that every person who moves fast is a sociopath.

·    Always Shifts the Guilt to you When They've Done Something Wrong
 Every time you catch them doing something wrong you find yourself saying sorry in the end. It frustrates the hell out of you because you've done nothing, they are the one who messed up so why are you apologizing! This is because they feel they are never wrong. This way, they are always doing every thing right and you are always doing everything wrong. It will put them in a place above you where they can maintain control over the relationship and you.

·       You Find Yourself Isolated From Your Friends & Family *Support Circle

    This is another one that is not just consistent with sociopaths but it is consistent with abusive people. Remember abuse can be emotional and verbal not just physical. With a sociopath you are definitely being emotionally abused. They will make it seem as if you are the perfect person for them when they first meet you. Slowly they will start making negative comments about your friends and family. Then they will start accusing you of doing the same negative things your friends are doing. For example, if you go out with your friends once a week and go drinking at bars he will start to have you second guessing whether that is appropriate behavior or not. Soon you will find yourself changing to try and meet all of his criteria. This includes spending all free time with him or her and not   having a life of your own. They are intimidated by your social life because they don’t have one. They are insecure of your close friends because they are not able to maintain their own close friends, which brings me to my next point:
·       They Don’t Even Have 1 Close Friend

 Need I say more? You’re crazy if NO ONE wants to be around you. This is one of   the biggest red flags when it comes to dating.

  •  They Date Exclusively off Social Media Websites

No lie; I dated a guy who had met every single one of his girlfriends off of Facebook, including me. The reason for this is that they get to scope you out before they interact with you. So many people have their whole lives on their social media profiles so it would be easy to discern what you’re into. This way they can be the person you most likely will fall for. I know, scary isn’t it?

I know this list can seem a bit harsh. I mean are there really people out there whose sole concern is to “get you”. The answer is hell yes! And guess what? They don’t give a damn because they cannot feel real emotions.


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