5 Reasons Men Don't Approach You

5 Reasons why Guys Don’t Approach You

Stuck up is not always attractive!

Is everyone and their mama quite literally on the dating scene but you? Don’t chalk it up to the skewed male to female ratio because it actually might be you! Here are 5 reasons why you never get approached by men. 

1.  You are unapproachable!

         You walk around with a mean mug on your face. You dodge eye contact and your body language screams do not speak to me. If someone does have the balls to talk to you its awkward as hell as you do not smile and engage in the conversation. I used to do this and didn't know how I looked until someone asked me why do I look mean all of the time. Guys are terrified of too much of a challenge a.k.a being shot down. This is why most guys will approach a woman who is less attractive first before a prettier woman (save for the few ugly bold). If you're really attractive you have to show that you are open to being talked to by making eye contact, talking, and smiling. Yes guys should approach you first but they have to get a signal before they approach and they are keenly watching you for the signals!

2.  You don’t go anywhere 

         I had to tell one of my girlfriends that a man was not going to walk up to her door and knock and say Hey can I be your boyfriend? You have to get out there! That doesn't mean hitting the club scene every weekend but it does mean getting out every weekend. Go to places where you can meet the type of men you want to engage with. Where you might ask? What are your hobbies? If you don't have any go somewhere like poetry night at a lounge, a networking mixer, or museum. If you are single and want a boyfriend you have to put forth a little effort!

3. When a guy does get your number you are too difficult 

            Now I was the type of girl that would diss a guy for anything. I didn't want to put up with a guy that I didn't like from the get go. When I realized that my best friend always had a date and I was drifting alone in the wind I began to wonder why. She gave guys more of a chance even if she didn't like them at first sight. Guys are always going to go after what they want while most girls just wait to be picked. The disadvantage about never approaching guys is that 90% of the time they will not be exactly what you want. Sorry but not sorry. Once you get your shyness out of the way you can learn to strike up a conversation with a guy you really want to be with. Until then you will have to give the guys who approach you a try and who knows you might unexpectedly fall in love with a great guy that you would have otherwise overlooked!

4.   No confidence in your appearance

             Yes at first it is all about the appearance! A man cannot see your personality when he first meets you so this is the only thing they have to go off of. You should literally feel like you are the shit when you walk into a room not like you’re trying to hurry up and grab a seat before anyone notices your figure. It is about exhibiting an aura of feminine sexuality no matter what you have on. Have your head up high and shoulders back, nothing worse than a slouching woman. With that being said most women cannot feel confident unless they feel they look a certain way. So if you need to get into shape, do it just remember being skinny or losing weight will not cause you to feel sexy. It is truly a feeling that comes from within. People will notice. Notice that you are a sexy beast.

5.   You are too quiet.

           If you are in a social situation talk to guys. Show that you're fun. He'll want to be near you because he wants to have fun too! Make him laugh, that will charm him. It does not have to be overt but just having good conversational skills can go a long way in getting a man’s interest (one that you would want anyway). Personality is King only trumped by the Ace looks when it comes to a first impression. You can charm a guy right off his feet if you know how to speak! 


  1. I've personally seen several women with a look of disgust on their face. Even I as a woman would be scared to speak... let alone a man trying to get the digits.

    1. I know right! Many women walk around here looking mean as hell lol


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