New Poll Shows Single Black Men Want Long Term Relationships More Than Black Women

There's no good black men! That’s the rallying cry of single black women across America. For over a decade we have heard the same thing; it’s next to impossible for educated, black women to find love and marriage. Black women  have readily accepted this stereotype as the reason for the “epidemic” of unmarried black women. Shockingly enough, a recent study by NPR shows that 43% of single black men actually want relationships compared to 25 % of single black women. The radio broadcast can be found here. These results are greeted with much apprehension because people are so bent on proving that the opposite is true. There are a couple of theories to why this statistic may not seem true.

Economic Disparities
According to NPR, 2/3 of college degrees all African Americans receive are awarded to black women. So it seems that not only are black women more educated but they are earning more as well. With income and education as the most determining factors in social status, it could be a large status disparity between African American men and women.

It’s Not True
It could be that there are eligible black men and the marriage rates of African Americans are no more in danger than any other ethnic group in America. It could be the media’s hyper focus on black women’s lives that makes it seem as if there is a problem. It is a fact that an overwhelming percentage of people experience marriage at least once in their life regardless of their ethnic backgrounds. While it is true that people are marrying later and divorcing more often, black people are still getting married nonetheless. 

Either way, people feel strongly that these results aren't true. Sometimes when we are told something is true by the media we hold it to the golden standard of truth. We will subconsciously make it true in our lives. Maybe if we stop being so concerned with the unavailability of black men then we would be able to see all of these black men who actually want relationships. 


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