Week 2 Challenge: Brown Bag Lunch

Okay so my challenge for last week was to prepare my lunch for the next day every night of the work week. How did it go?
  • Results: I only missed one day of not fixing my lunch the night before. I take a lunch with me daily already to save money and to eat healthier but, I usually make it in the morning. Preparing my food the previous night before allowed me to have more time in the morning to actually do my hair and make up thus preventing me from looking like I just rolled out of bed every morning! Did I keep this habit? Not really, after I come home I just kinda crash and don't feel like lifting a finger. But one unexpected habit I kept was doing my hair and make-up in the morning! 
Reasons Why You Should Pack Your Lunch 

  • It's Healthier!- You can cut on hundreds of calories by packing your lunch. Make sure to include fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables, lean protein like chicken or turkey and whole wheat bread. If you bring chips, cookies, and other processed foods it defeats the whole purpose. 
  • You'll Save Money!- The money saved from eating out can be seen immediately! If you spend just $5 every day of the workweek then you are spending $100 a month on just eating out. You can literally take $25 and pack healthy lunches for the month. Who wouldn't want an extra $75 a month? 
  • Increase Productivity!- Have you ever eaten a heavy meal and gotten the -itis? That's what happens when a person eats processed foods heavy in fat, salt, and sugar. Not surprisingly this is what happens when people at work eat quick fast food for lunch. Your blood sugar has a quick blood surge and then quickly drops bringing you down with it. Not to mention you will more than likely become hungry again in a few hours. 


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