Sunday, November 10, 2013

Once a Week Challenge: Week 1

Week 1 Challenge: Taking the Stairs

So for my first challenge I decided not to take the stairs any opportunity that I got. How did it go? Well I only took the elevator one time this week and walked 5 stories twice this week at school so it went pretty well. I saw a poster in an elevator that walking up just two flights of stairs daily can help you lose up to 6 pounds a year! That's a lot of weight 'specially for a shortie like me. I don't know how true that stat is but I know that my butt and core will definitely thank me for it! This will be a habit that I will continue to keep and as a result I am already a 1 % better person for it!

Some Really Good Reasons to Take The Stairs

  • Climbing just two flights of stairs everyday could result a loss of 2.7kg or 6lbs per year. Six flights a day could help you trim nearly 18 lbs. Why Weight?
  • Adding stairs to your day can add years to your life. Studies show that risk of cardiovascular disease and death is lower among those who are regular Stair climbers.
  • Stair climbing can also add life to your years. Those who climb stairs on a daily basis have greater leg strength and aerobic capacity, allowing them to participate more fully in a wide range of daily activities.
  • Taking the stairs is often faster than waiting for an elevator during peak usage times. Take the test and time your trip. Often for trips of 7 floors or less, the stairs are the quickest way to your destination.
  • Using the stairs requires no special skill, equipment or clothing and it burns twice as many calories as walking. Step right up!!
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