How to Create Self Love

A Guide to Self Love

            In search of a really motivating piece this morning, I stumbled upon this gem of wisdom. It’s a step by step approach to loving yourself. It is the best description I have found yet of achieving self love. I just had to share this one. I hope it inspires some of you!
            In the article, the author details the path to self love in 3 concessive steps; none can be achieved without the former step being accomplished first.
Self Care
Self care is the first step towards self love. Self care is just what it says- caring for self. It doesn’t necessarily means giving yourself a shopping spree. This means making sure you are healthy, nourished, and protected. It means having all of your basic needs met. No matter how much we try to change our subconscious into believing we are worthy and good, it will not change until we provide ourselves with self care. When we do this, our conscious and subconscious will match up and only then can our subconscious believe what we are trying to tell it.
            Self Love and Self Loathing are both cyclical in nature. It is important that we increase our awareness or we will become entrapped in the cycle of self loathing.
 We are all in pursuit of happiness and this can only be attained through the path of total self love. Without love for self, we are not able to fulfill our true potential and promise.  Click on the link to continue reading the steps to self love. Enjoy!


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